AgPro is a modular, industry wide software solution comprising of:

AgPro Desktop
AgPro Online
AgPro Mobile

 data collection equipment, data integration and data process management delivered via a simple user interface as a complete agricultural solution. AgPro Desktop is an Interpretation, and reporting software program enabling Computer Aided Design of Agronomic Recommendations (CADAR) for growers, certified distributors and consultants. User Roles within AgPro can be tailored, however the default roles are :


AgPro, through its ingenious range of data capture methods - online, via mobile apps and remote sensing technology, can be used as a basic farm information cloud data storage system that can then turn basic farm information, such as spray diaries, certified laboratory results, sensor reading into simple, easy to understand, graphically represented reports, interactive online farm performance dashboards. Developing an application that generates a suite of tailored functionality compiled using over 20 years of Horticultural expertise does not come easily. Every variable is put through an array of calculations developed over years of practical involvement in all aspects of the horticultural industries. Data is captured from the length of the supply chain to ensure an end to end data and process management solution. Sophisticated data analysis on farm performance is available via consultation with one of our certified consultants or Agronomists. 

AgPro Mobile app for iphone together with AgPro desktop empowers consultants to provide professional advice on soils management, plant nutrition and pest and disease management. AgPro is a proven and robust software application, a complete end-to-end system. AgPro software saves you time and also helps you to keep your independence; interpretation of nutrient rates, product selection and ongoing access to client data for trend analysis, especially valuable for product trial evaluations and efficacy trials.

AgPro provides the consultant with comprehensive interpretation capability for soil, plant, water and pest data by way of interpretative models and tables that reside on an https secure central server which is accessed by an application installed on the users’ computer.

AgPro contains over 150 horticultural crops that are linked to over 500 stored varieties. All winter cereals, pulses & oilseeds, summer grains and cotton are also included in the system. Optimal levels of nutrients are calculated for every unique situation, based on dozens of variables including, irrigation type, soil type, soil condition and structure, crop variety, crop stage plant vigour, fruit set, bulk density soil drainage, water logging or dry stress, yield goals, Nutrient use efficiencies and fallow crop contribution to nutrient amounts.

The AgPro interpretative capabilities and models are based on the latest data available in scientific literature, combined with practical verification by experienced agronomists on a regional basis with extensive field experience. Being independent of any fertiliser product sales, AgPro is uniquely placed to help consultants, distributors and growers better understand the overall performance of crop inputs used, to provide a balanced view of crop requirements soil health and is the ideal platform for Agronomist to use for the delivery of recommendations that addresses both fertilisers and soil amendments, chemical, biological and physical management strategies along with application type, rate and timing. All this is delivered in a customised environment.

Using AgPro, you will be supported by a team of specialists in soils, plant nutrition, IPM (integrated pest management), chemical, biological and fertiliser products and agricultural IT. The focus of this team is to improve the efficiency and profitability of producers by facilitating the optimal use of crop production inputs through training, testing, consulting services and (CADAR) by their preferred consultants that create worlds’ best practices in crop management systems through innovation based on science.

At its core AgPro aims to deliver a platform that enables high quality, integrated, independent advice, to be provided – AgPro’s CADAR functionality ensures:

consistency in report format and result display
accuracy of recommendation content
risk mitigation by specific agronomic constraints to avoid incorrect advice
accuracy of nutrient requirement calculations and spray action thresholds
compliance to legislative requirements via easy and engaging record keeping tools such as the AgPro app for iphone

Wireless data transfer and report distribution with live data displayed on clients AgPro Online accounts.

Hortus is actively involved in scientific research in all aspects of horticultural Agronomy and the development and delivery of industry training programs for IPM monitoring, soils management, plant nutrition and fertiliser application to growers, consultants and distributors globally.

Consultants and distributors have access to a comprehensive list of fertiliser products available from their selected fertiliser distributors or manufacturers supplying the Australian market. This list is updated on an ongoing basis as products change in the market. Consultants also have the ability to insert products into their own unique product database.

 Every product is stored by it’s active ingredient, target pest, applicable crop, elemental composition, effect on the plant, effect on the soil, effect on pH and compatibility.

Hortus Technical Services are proud to be leading the way in establishing Bundaberg as the national centre of agronomic technology.

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