Research and Development

To assist in facilitating the latest agricultural developments to primary producers, government agencies and agribusiness companies research and development projects are an integral part of Hortus’s business activities. The wide diversity of crops and the year round growing climate, strategically position Hortus to conduct research and development projects on a wide range of agricultural projects.

Research & development projects include:

Benchmarking traditional and biological crop nutritional programs based on yield and achieving set quality parameters such as fruit size, fruit colour, shelf life, flavour
Undertaking chemical residue trials for the registration of new chemicals in crops
Comparing the efficiency of new fertilisers and chemicals against industry standard products
Trialling beneficial insects on crop pests
Trialling various crop mulches and analysing the resulting effects on crop production
Trialling the nutrient uptake and retention of various fertilizers to reduce leaching
Trialling the effects of various biological soil conditioners on different soil types
Trialling the moisture retention levels achieved by various soil conditioners and hydroponic substrates
Trialling the levels of Plant Available Silica (PAS) in various silica based soil conditioners and the yield and quality results based on retail pack outs and specifications
Undertaking compatibility trials for new fertilizers and chemicals within individual supplier product ranges and between different product ranges (e.g. XYZ foliar minerals / ABC fungicides)
Trialling new soil conditioners for optimum application rates and blend ratios with major and trace elements
Trialling the effects and commercial returns of various application rates and timings of plant hormone extracts


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