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Reef Smart

Hortus Technical Services Launches Reef Smart Program

Hortus Geo-Technical is a division of Hortus established specifically to service the water and land management needs of the resources and construction sector. The division of Hortus assists developers, government, builders, miners and contractors  develop environmentally sustainable and compliant solutions for their projects.

Hortus Geo-Technical is dedicated to the resources and construction sector in the provision of tailored analytical services, developing land remediation, water dispersal and/or utilisation systems that meet State Government environmental standards, and the provision of Certified Professional Soil Scientists to perform Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) and Good Quality Agricultural Land (GQAL) assessments.

Expertise and experience gained in both the resource and agricultural sectors provides Hortus Geo-Technical with a unique capability to provide a range of expertise to projects of any size. Our involvement in Resources and Agriculture enables key objectives to be met through our understanding of the science and implications of agricultural and natural resource projects.

Hortus Geo-Technical shares the core values of the construction, mining, gas and petroleum sectors to achieve continuously effective environmental, health, safety and quality (EHS&Q) management.  Hortus Geo-Technicalwill be a preferred supplier of services to the construction and energy sector based on the key principles of maintaining a consistent EHS&Q record, competitive pricing, and leading edge delivery of contracted services.  

To summarize some of the key areas Hortus Geo- Technical can help with your project:

  •  Agronomy and Management Programs during rehabilitation
  •  Environmental Management Plans
  •  Soil Type and Biodiversity Mapping
  •  Soil/Water Nutrient and Biological Sampling
  •  Farm input procurement
  •  Fertiliser recommendations
  •  Ground Preparation activity planning
  •  Fertiliser Application planning
  •  In Crop Plant Protection
  • Crop and natural resource monitoring
  • Pesticide and herbicide recommendations
  • Farm and site hygiene
  • Disease and weed control
  • Research and Development 

Reef Smart Media Release REEF SMART MEDIA RELEASE 19.02.10