Integrated Pest Management

AgPro is a specialised program developed by Hortus Technical Services to deliver professional IPM strategies across a wide variety of crops, pests and growing regions. It enables our certified HORTUS consultants to efficiently monitor pest population locations, thresholds and implement cost effective and environmentally sound pest management strategies.

The AgPro app for iphone interfaces with our extensive IPM database to enable monitoring to be done easily and efficiently in the field and the data can be transmitted via 3G back at the office for reporting purposes. The added benefit of using the iphone are that they have an inbuilt Global Positioning System (GPS) so monitoring sites can be accurately identified and treated. IPM is not a new science but AgPro is definitely a revolution in the way IPM is effectively and efficiently delivered.

The HORTUS IPM service has been developed over the last 15 years and is based on an extensive database of crops, pest thresholds and proven management strategies. Growers are able to engage the servicers of our qualified and experienced IPM consultants as part of an overall crop management strategy. Growers are able to gain an in-depth understanding of IPM and crop nutrition interactions in order to implement the most cost effective and environmentally friendly pest management program. The service which tracks the changes of pest populations across production regions allowing accurate pest threat forecasting for proactive implementation of cultural, chemical and biological management strategies.



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