Water Tests

Water testing is usually done to establish the source of some nutritional anomaly in the plant root / soil relationship. Continuous use of a poor quality water source may have extremely detrimental effects on plant health and / or soil structure. The range of water analysis conducted by Hortus Technical Services allows for a complete picture to be established between the soil, plant and water relationship. From analysing the suitability of your irrigation water to maintaining nutrient balance in your hydroponic solution – Hortus’s AgPro water analysis is the test of choice for leading growers.

W2 COMPLETE Water: pH, EC, NO3-N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S, Cu, Zn, B, Mn, Fe, Cl, SAR, Hardness, TDI, TA, Si

W3 COMPLETE Hydro: pH(C1a), EC(B1a), NO3-N(G3a), P(H2a), K(L3b), Ca(L1b), Mg(L2b), Na(L4b), S(J1a), Cu(K1a), Zn(K1a), B, Mn(K1a), Fe(K3b), Cl(E1a), SAR(M1a), Hardness(N2a), TDI(B1b), TA(D1a), Si(I2b)

W5 Water Salinity: pH, EC, Na, Cl

W6 Total Alkalinity: Water Carbonate Alkalinity(D2a), Bicarbonate Alkalinity(D3a)


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