Microbial Testing

Hortus operate a new NATA certified micro-biology laboratory to enable the fast, accurate and reliable analysis of food and water for a range of organisms.

The Hortus BioLab has been established to provide testing in food, and water, as well as consulting and training services to the industry, consisting of Deanne Binder-Pashley (BSc Microbiology) and Kaytlyn Muller (Bsc Applied Biology). Deanne has in excess of over 15 years experience in food safety testing. Centrally located, Hortus BioLab has established a state of the art laboratory, operating 5 days a week to ensure superior technical support and the ability to quickly respond to the client’s requests offering a unique and superior combination of services.

Hortus BioLab is a NATA accredited microbiological Laboratory service. Offering testing in food, water, consulting and training services. All tests and services performed comply with strict quality assurance and accreditation requirements.

Currently microbiological testing is primarily Grower and processor driven. Applying strict quality assurance specification for food, depending on the risk. Industries have been categorized into high, medium and low risk. Subject to different food safety requirements. Industries such as abattoirs, seafood and food exporting, on a whole, are categorised as a higher risk for potentially higher amounts of bacteria and other pathogens. The Hortus BioLab offers services to comply with food safety awareness, controlling and maintaining the hazard analysis critical control points and Freshcare compliance.

Featuring consulting for food safety systems, developed to meet specific training requirements. Direct steps of action to increase and maintain quality and hygiene standards. Such as implementing an environmental swabbing programme. Swabbing surfaces, which have a direct or indirect contact with food, including machinery, cold rooms, food utensils, general unhygienic areas, the carcass or product itself. Identifying if the cleaning and sanitizing regime is effective. Also forming part of the HACCP system, creating a certified history in quality management. Featuring a state of the art laboratory offering micro testing with superior technical support and service direct to the client, to have more personal involvement.

 The personal interaction with likeminded companies is a mutual benefit and invaluable to a business relationship. Hortus BioLab offers the opportunity to enter a strategic partnership where each other’s knowledge and experience features benefits in reducing costs, increasing knowledge, skills and reputation in the industry. Services for interpretation of results is vital for the client. Consulting with reporting and necessary plan of action.

Testing procedures have been integrated into two separate shifts Monday to Friday therefore same day testing applies to all samples on delivery, to maximise turn around times. Providing all necessary swabs and sample jars, Hortus BioLab identifies correct procedures to the client on how to correctly swab sites, sample product, water and produce. To ensure accurate testing and reporting of results, providing personal sample pickup in the Bundaberg region to the client is a direct service, which not only allows for convenient timing, but an opportunity to communicate. Hortus BioLab features a unique combination of services to benefit the clients in operations and technical support.

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