AgPro Online Product Ordering System

Hortus Technical Services Pty Ltd operates the AgPro product registration and ordering system for suppliers wishing to have their products available online and growers wishing to centralize their ordering through  AgPro. Products listed can be ordered online for sale and delivery by the nearest participating reseller. No financial transaction occurs via the AgPro ordering system and payments are made by growers directly to their local resellers according to their normal terms of trade. A record of products orders (Along with Farm input records and farm activity records) will be stored against your AgPro user account for analysis in the AgPro Quarterly Farm Performance Review

ANALYTICAL soil, plant, water, quicksoil, microbial, residue testing

BIOLOGICAL beneficials used in an IPM program, microbes, inoculums

CHEMICAL                  insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other crop protection products

FERTILIZER              ameliorants, granular, technical grade soluble, and foliar fertilisers

SOFTWARE              Farm and agronomic management software programs

Listings via the AgPro online ordering system do not alter the process through which products are selected for use in recommendations. Hortus do not take any responsibility for failure of a reseller to deliver ordered product in an accurate and timely manner.


participating resellers

Hortus participating resellers: