Our Philosophy

Integrated Agronomic solution for Horticulture that add value to the food chain. Accurate, timely, independent professional agronomic services to growers, resellers, manufacturers, consultants, government and industry.

The use of intellectual capital across a broad spectrum of the agribusiness and food & fibre industry, and the use of an integrated agronomic management approach is the backbone of the business.

The Agribusiness sector can’t move forward without innovation and investment. The services we’ve developed mean there’s a higher level of certainty about a return on investment in todays difficult farming environment. We’re using those services to minimize risk to the grower, the processor, the investor and the community.

Hortus’s integrated approach provides a new benchmark for performance – giving our clients in business and government the accurate information they need for strategic planning and decision making, not only to ensure solid return on investment, good governance and cost savings, but to protect themselves from the risks associated with operating in an ever changing market place.

Hortus brings a comprehensive and dynamic approach to the industry based on an understanding of best practice experience in land use, analysis, food & fibre production, business development and marketing at all scales of production.

The mindset of Hortus is to identify problems, integrate innovation and design solutions for all levels of private and public participants in the horticulture industry. In providing a seamless service Hortus integrates resources, intellectual capital, information and technical expertise to ensure the best possible solution is realised.

Employing the services of expertise in a range of core professions including Software Product Development, Food Processing & Packaging; Agronomic Management; Environment & Water; Irrigation Design; Project Management; Business Development; Hortus is committed to providing a quality of service beyond the capabilities of conventional consultants or laboratories.

For an integrated approach to technical service delivery for the Horticulture industry talk to the team at Hortus.

Our Clients

  • Large scale horticultural producers, processors and packers

  • Mid size mixed family farms

  • Individual & Groups of Primary Producers seeking to add value through improved agronomic performance as a result of outsourced technical service, integrated marketing, processing & quality assessment

  • Innovators and Entrepreneurs seeking to commercialise and develop their concept, identify venture partners and form strategic alliances

  • Corporate Agribusiness & Fund Managers seeking professional agronomic project management, planning, trials, auditing & reporting compliance

  • Local, State & Federal Govt – Sustainable Regional Development

  • Primary Producers seeking to move further up the value chain and establish a brand

  • Expanding & Diversifying Agribusiness Enterprises

  • New Agribusiness Investors seeking lifestyle, a new interest, capital gain and tax effective investments